Law Firm Profile

All attorneys in our law firm have been authorized since 2005 to bear the title „Fachanwalt für Erbrecht“ (Attorney Specializing in Inheritance Matters).

This title was introduced following a decision of the German Federal Bar, effective from 1 July 2005. While the declaration of an interest or focus on “inheritance matters” is largely based on a (scarcely verifiable) self-appraisal of the attorney, the title „Fachanwalt für Erbrecht“ is only awarded after a comprehensive examination by the bar association of the applicant’s specialist theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of inheritance law.

The competency, enthusiasm and reliability of the members of our law firm results not least from the special characteristic that 2 passionate attorneys, with long-standing specialist experience in inheritance matters (exceeding 20 years of professional experience), have established between them a solid structure for the law firm with 15 employees.

With an ideal combination of hands-on experience on the one hand, and doctrine and theory on the other, the prerequisites are given for being able to properly implement in practice our authoritative decisions.

Thanks to the extensive library and database we have created, and the ongoing intensive further education of all employees of our law firm, even our administrative staff are well trained in inheritance matters. For example, having completed the relevant course and examination, the long-standing principal of our law firm was nominated in 2006 as the first ‘Law Firm Manager’ in Bavaria.

Our law firm is characterized by the stringent demands we place on each individual’s abilities and strengths in order to jointly achieve the optimum results for our client. At the same time, transparency is our foremost maxim: a detailed clarification and specification of costs occurs by means of a legal services contract and a fee agreement.