Life Assurance in Inheritance and Inheritance Tax Law

Die Lebensversicherung im Erb- und Erbschaftssteuerrecht

LebensversicherungEulberg – Ott-Eulberg – Halaczinsky

This book describes the legal fundamentals of life assurance contracts and the rights of the persons concerned.

It provides a comprehensive treatment of the issue of how life assurances impact on the marital property regime, on claims for an obligatory share or a supplement to the obligatory share, on special legal succession and the means by which it can be warded off, as well as on financial and loan instruments. It also deals with how the life assurance companies conduct themselves in the event of execution of a will, administration of estate, temporary administration of estate, or estate insolvency.

Language: German
Paperback – 248 Pages – Zerb
Date of Publication: September 2005, 2nd edition 2011
ISBN: 978-3-941586-18-5