A Practical Handbook for Inheritance Law and Banking

Praxishandbuch Erbrecht und Banken

Erbrecht-BankenMichael Ott-Eulberg, Michael Schebesta, Herbert Bartsch

An account-free person is unimaginable in our day and age, which is why you will find bank-specific legal interests in every estate that could cause inheritance law related problems.

„A Practical Handbook for Inheritance Law and Banking“ provides a comprehensive account of bank-related transactions and their legal fundamentals along with their impact in the event of death. It covers account types, general business connections with banks, subscription rights, securities, bank authorizations and obligations, legal transactions in the event of death, in particular contracts benefitting third parties, powers of attorney, confidentiality and disclosure obligations.

Language: German
Hardcover Edition – 576 Pages – Zerb
Date of Publication: September 2000, 2nd edition 2008
ISBN: 978-3-935079-59-4