The Specialist Attorney for Inheritance Law

Der Fachanwalt für Erbrecht

Fachanwalt-ErbrechtProduced by Michael Bonefeld, Rainer Deininger & Thomas Wachter
The occupational title “Specialist Attorney for Inheritance Law” was passed into legislation in a resolution dated 23 November 2004. Now any attorney with suitable experience in inheritance law can obtain a qualification as a specialist attorney in inheritance matters. The new release “The Specialist Attorney for Inheritance Law” offers around 1,000 pages of fundamental principles and helpful information.

This work provides a comprehensive treatment of the knowledge domain prescribed by the Fachanwaltsordnung (Regulations for Specialist Attorneys). It is ideally suited as a preparatory aid for the specialist course in inheritance law and also serves as a reference work in all phases of processing inheritance-related mandates.

Language: German
Hardcover Edition – 1832 pages – Zerb
Date of Publication: December 2005, 3rd edition 2014
ISBN: 978-3-941586-96-3